Discovering Flavor

Please note that this is no longer an actively maintained website. I’ve shifted my content over to  – lots of recipes, links to articles from Local Banquet, links to the Discovering Flavor extras, even audio posts. It’s an information-packed place and you should check it out. One day I will learn how to set up a redirect and this whole “don’t look here” message will become obsolete.

Discovering Flavor CoverA beginner’s guide to food appreciation – in 99 Pages. From 99: The Press

DISCOVERING FLAVOR is an introduction to food appreciation for the average eater. It takes a commonsense approach to explaining flavor using everyday foods, like coffee, bacon, and pie. The leap from understanding your favorite cookies to understanding why some people are euphoric about high end Champagne is not as great as you might believe. DISCOVERING FLAVOR brings readers through this crash course in 99 lively pages, following along with a narrator who loves food but never takes it too seriously.

Read a preview here:

Discovering Flavor – Preface

(Order on, purchase for the Kindle here, or – which would be nicer – your local bookstore, give them ISBN 978-0988266247. Here’s where it’s listed at my local indie, Bear Pond Books)


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