Chips Ahoy!

Chips Ahoy

Last night I did some investigative research for a piece I’m writing that explains the fundamentals of flavor through the junk food of the early ’90’s. After penning a brilliant theory about how Chips Ahoy! are a gateway into Gourmet-caliber food appreciation, I realized that I haven’t actually eaten one of these cookies since seventh grade. So, I rushed out to the store and bought two packages (it was a buy one, get one free sale). I’ve determined that:

  • Opening a bag of Chips Ahoy! releases a much stronger cookie aroma than expected. I thought I’d need to stick my face all the way into the bag to experience  the fake cookie scent – thankfully I didn’t have to go that far. They smell sort of like the butter flavor extract that I slip into my Boston Cream Pie cake batter.
  • Toasting Chips Ahoy! does not improve their flavor. Neither does frying them in a skillet. I did not try deep frying, I think they would benefit from a chocolate tempura batter in that scenario.
  • To the naked eye, Chips Ahoy! with chunks don’t look much chunkier than the original. When I took a cross section (aka broke the cookies in half) I saw some larger chocolate strata in the chunky version.
  • Chunks make the cookie crumble differently . . . and therefore wrongly because I want my Chips Ahoy! to taste like they did 20 years ago. I didn’t realize that I had such strong feelings about my mass produced cookies, but it turns out I do. Thank goodness I didn’t venture into the Chewy varieties.
  • It’s best to have milk on hand.

What childhood treats have you failed to re-examine recently? Next up on my list – Warheads


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