New Year’s Resolution Menu

Lemonade(Originally Posted 7/11/2013) I’m calling this a New Year’s Resolution menu and I’m posting it in July because. . . because it just took me a really long time to get around to it, okay? I resolve next year to post things quickly.

The New Year’s Resolution Menu is not healthy food, don’t be fooled. It’s a category of menu planning – menus designed to take out an arm’s length list of recipes / cookbooks / magazines / blogs / etc. you’ve been meaning to cook from but haven’t yet gotten around to.  Below are recipes from one dinner I recently concocted so I could explore the recipes I hear mentioned on the Spilled Milk Podcasts. I’ll warn you that while no single recipe was too difficult, together they were a bit labor intensive and I had to put several guests on cooking duty. But it tasted great!

Triscuits with Sardines & Mustard – Sardines, where have you been all my life? I now know I love sardines.

Banh Mi – The source of their recipes was Andrea Nguyen whose website is here. I recommend borrowing a vegetarian option from Andrea (or this from Slate)

Ohitashi (that’s Japanese spinach) – I can’t say I followed the directions. I bought a miso soup cup broth packet and steamed spinach in a bit of broth I seasoned heavily with that, then dumped in several generous pinches of dulse, added a little soy sauce and rice vinegar, and sprinkled liberally with sesame seeds. I also took rice noodles, tossed them with sesame oil, a splash of soy sauce and a dab of sriracha and serve those underneath the spinach – in a ratio that made the plate spinach with a bed of rice noodles, not a bowl of rice noodles with a bit of spinach to dress them. In other words, the only thing my version had in common with the recipe was spinach and Asian flair. 

Buckwheat Waffles – For the dinner party application of this ‘waffles for dinner’ recipe, I recommend soft boiled eggs for folks to add on their own and bacon bits for sprinkling instead of full strips.  

Folded Enchiladas – I found the instructions a little confusing in the dunking the tortilla part, so I just fully submerged them in the tomatillo salsa and it didn’t taste as soggy as I’d feared.

Katherine Hepburn’s Brownie Recipe  – If I were to do it over again, I’d make these fudgy brownies alongside a cakey brownies recipe.

Rosemary Lemonade The picture at the start of this post is what the lemonade would look like if you dumped in pureed strawberries, replaced the seltzer with dry sparkling white wine, and topped it with Maraschino liqueur instead of vodka (in other words, I’m not very good at following recipes).

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