Future Food

Champagne Glass

The audio for my commentary on the future of food is now available: VPR – New Food

The weekend after this commentary first aired, National Public Radio (inspired, no doubt, by my insights) had this interview with a Food Futurologist that highlights the same food trends.

I personally think I’m meant to be a food futurist, except this interview gives the impression that you need a science degree and some level of familiarity with a laboratory, which would be a problem for me.  I’m hoping that the science degree is the difference between a “futurologist” (which is what the interviewee Morgaine Gaye calls herself) and a “futurist” (which is what I’ll call myself if I ever get around to becoming one).

The only food trend in my commentary that I pulled from an NPR story was vaportinis, which is also the only one *not* mentioned in the interview with Gaye. You can read about them here.


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