Designing a Story

Kitchen Table 2Okay, this news isn’t (in the strictest sense) related to the whole discovering flavor thing. . . but it is a project I’m involved in and excited about. We’re in the last week of registration for StoryHackVT – a contest where 20 teams have 24 hours to design an original story across at least 3 different digital media.

StoryHack is taking place on October 19th & 20th in Burlington, VT, and is a great way to support innovative, creative storytelling in the Green Mountain State. Everyone, from anywhere, can follow along and vote for a winner on the 20th using the online showcase. Check it all out at

And for a food tie-in, here are some creative ways people are telling food stories. If you added all these media together, you would have a great StoryHackVT entry.

  • Festooning: A conceptual art project that involves a giant, inflatable hive. The website shows how they made it. The high brow artistic aspects aside, I can verify that for children everywhere, anything you learn inside an inflatable hive is automatically fun. And the creators have a waggle dance hide-and-seek game that involves running in and out of the hive, making this perhaps the best nature education tool ever.
  • Country Perfume: An app for finding. . . country perfume (more commonly known as the scent of manure). Particularly relevant because this app was designed in last year’s Vermont Hackathon.
  • Third Coast Audio Stories: This year’s Short Docs contest theme was developed with the James Beard Foundation: appetite. It includes many ridiculous puns in the titles.
  • Smellscapes: A round-up of posts about exploration through the sense of smell, from the always creative Edible Geography blog.



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