Feast of St. Anthony

North EndAll through the summer, Boston’s North End holds feast days and festivals for various saints. The result (from an eating perspective) is a mash up of Italian food and street food. When I was there last weekend, chocolate dipped bananas / strawberries / brownies / cookies / marshmallows / etc. and stewed tripe seemed particularly popular. Not at the same stand.

St. Anthony is perfect for a dinner party inspiration because when his body turned to dust, his tongue remained whole and moist. Mmmm, appetizing.

Here is a St. Anthony’s Feast menu. See also this note on recipes:

  • Arancini – aka Fried Rice Balls, which can be fancy or, if you’re me, rice patted around a cube of mozzarella (using sushi rice and keeping your hands wet helps with this step), dipped in egg wash, rolled in bread crumbs, and fried. With marinara sauce on the side.
  • Calamari
  • Sausage – I like a combination of Italian sweet and hot with onion, peppers and chard (or other green).
  • Raviolis with Tomato Sauce – Or, thick ziti baked with ricotta, diced scallions, diced tomato, lots of basil, and tomato sauce (I prefer Bove’s vodka sauce). Ravioli with its insides spilled out. . .
  • Arepas and Feijoada -These are not Italian, but the arepas were at the street festival, and they pair so well with the Brazilian black bean stew Feijoada. . . and Anthony was originally Portuguese. . . and they speak Portuguese in Brazil. For this menu, we upped the pork and beef to leave out the sausage, and replaced tomatoes with red wine.
  • Green Salad
  • Cannoli Dip with Biscotti – Cannoli Dip is brilliant. I used this recipe (which makes a lot) and made both plain and chocolate biscotti, sliced thin, to dip. Pair with a nice red wine.


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