Fmkttomoatoessummer_2Vermont, among its many many wonderful attributes, has a great website called DigIn Vermont that collects all the information you need to explore culinary and agricultural experiences in the state. It’s for anyone who wants to, as the site says, “experience the authentic taste of Vermont.” There are maps of where all the farmers markets are, selected routes for checking out what’s unique in particular regions, events listings, and a lot more.

This site is also an example of a collaboration between multiple membership-based organizations, state government, and “the crowd” (as in crowd sourced information). That sort of collaboration is not easy to do.

And now, I’ve started to contribute blog posts to DigIn. The posts won’t regularly appear on this website, but I’ll put up some occasionally that seem of interest.

So, check out the DigIn site, starting with my first contribution: Tomatoes for Dessert.

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