Italian-Midwestern Fusion Menu

Chicago Hot Dog(Originally Posted 11/19/2013) This, my friends, is an authentic Chicago style hot dog. We recently had a Chicago-themed dinner ahead of Lawrence’s business trip to the Windy City and one guest tracked down a guy, who owns a hot dog cart, which serves Chicago dogs, so that he could buy the requisite neon green relish and sport peppers off of him. We were in grave danger of using just normal pickle relish and banana peppers instead.

A few folks (mostly my father) complained that we’d already DONE a Chicago themed menu for Al Capone and the repeal of Prohibition (also works for Tax Day). Not true. That was an Italian-Midwestern Fusion Menu. Which I’m re-posting here.

I’m way more into the idea of fusion menus than . . . well, than any other person who wasn’t part of the West Coast Asian Fusion craze of the 1990’s. For this menu in honor of Al Capone my dinner-host partner and I compromised on an every-other-dish version of “fusion” instead of combining Italian and Midwestern culinary stylings into single dishes.

If I were to do it again, I would in fact go full-dish fusion and make combos like:
  • Mostada with a Deep Dish Pizza Crust (baked without the toppings and sliced like focaccia)
  • Green Bean Casserole with Cured Sausages
  • Pirogi with Marina Sauce
  • Italian Beef (the sort you would put inside a Chicago sandwich) on Fresh Made Pasta

And I would double down with a Prosecco Jello Ambrosia

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