Dessert is Not A Salad

Dessert SaladOkay, this picture is the closest I could come to a dessert that’s a salad – it’s an Indian after-dinner breath freshener mix. There are twigs and dried leaves in with the little candies.  Add some cashews and golden raisins and it would be a verifiable salad.

Anyhow, it’s just there to illustrate the Vermont Public Radio commentary from this morning:

And I’m going to let you into a secret not posted on VPR – the original text identified the disappointing cookie as a Tagalong, from the Girl Scout Cookie ouevre. But they made me take it out because use of product names is strictly forbidden. On a related note, the bakery is Birchgrove Bakery on Elm Street in Montpelier and their Easter Sunday selection was awesome. Members of this household have made three forays this morning (strawberry mousse “egg”, a hybrid chocolate croissant-sticky bun, and a ham & gruyere cheese scone. . . passed up the carrot cake cubes rolled in coconut flakes with bunny ears on top. . . may need a fourth trip).

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