Recommended Reading: Junk Food Part II

The New Yorker recently opened up its digital archive for three months of free browsing. Bon Appetit nicely went through and pulled links to their favorite food-related articles. Which brings us to Malcolm Gladwell’s 2001 article “The Trouble with Fries.”

The argument here is essentially: if Americans are going to eat a lot of fast food, tweaking the fast food nutritional profile while keeping the taste the same (and not telling people it’s healthy – honestly, why do we keep making that mistake?) could be a part of the obesity solution. It’s similar to this earlier post I had about David Freedman’s article on the same concept in The Atlantic. This line of conversation interests me when it focuses on the flavor and experience of the food more than on whether it’s wrong to crave a Big Mac*.

For a nice reading contrast on the Other Face of Junk Food – junk food masquerading as health food – it’s always interesting to have a little bit of getting real with Erica Wides. Here is her 6 Degrees of Foodiness.

*I should say we’re focused on a sort of nutritional Catholicism here (right, wrong, guilt, absolution), not other issues like animal welfare, economics, cultural imperialism abroad, etc. Plenty to say about that. Another time, another place.

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