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Teff Flour German Chocolate Cake

Oh it’s messy, but it’s tasty (it was less messy before the crowd at Cookbook Review Night was turned loose on it) – German Chocolate Cake from Flavor Flours.

Under the wire – in a swift recording turn around – I got in a Vermont Public Radio commentary before the pledge drive began. It’s like musical chairs, trying to get on air before dropping into the abyss of non-listening.

Cookbooks – Aired 12/2/14

Related to this piece, I had the pleasure of participating in a Cookbook Review Night at Bear Pond Books back in November. We got stacks and stacks of cookbooks to read and cook from and review. Short review notes are found here.

My sort-of surprising favorite in the batch? Flavor Flours by Alice Medrich. The pastry chef designs desserts (and a few savory items) to make best use of the unusual flours that are becoming more readily available with rising gluten-free interest. I found them in the bulk section at my local co-op. Instead of trying to make these creations taste “just like” their white flour counterparts, she’s highlighting the flavors of flours like buckwheat, teff, and sorghum. I’ll never make German Chocolate Cake without teff flour again. I need to get my hands on her book BitterSweet next.

And because I feel obligated to link it now that I’ve typed the words “gluten-free”, I’m adding this recommended reading: Against the Grain by Michael Specter in The New Yorker. It inspired Lawrence to start baking sourdough bread again – I’ve never seen him bake anything, just heard tales that years ago he always had a sourdough starter onhand for morning baking. I am therefore indebted to this article. I myself was inspired to get back into bread baking a mere week before Lawrence’s inspiration by the article Bread and Women by Adam Gopnik, which originally appeared in The New Yorker as well.

Okay, I think we’re done here. I need to go bake something.

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