Condimentia – One Year Later

(Originally Posted 12/31/2014) Why aren’t there more places to brag about keeping New Year’s Resolutions? Surely there is a dedicated social media platform somewhere that enables just that sort of triumphalism. First was the rousing success of the “always have a bottle of champagne in the fridge” resolution of 2013. Now I’m happy to report that my 2014 pledge not to hold on to gourmet specialty ingredients, but to use them as soon as practical, has proven inspired.

Did you miss the prelude to this pledge? Here is a December 2013 post on Condimentia – its symptoms and how to prevent it.

My pledge for 2015? Make better rice. Boring? Well, it’s foundational to many of the interesting Asian recipes I want to try out over the course of the year so I’m voting ‘not boring.’ Just wait 12 months and we’ll see how awesome this resolution was.

If you want some other New Years-y food posts from around the web:

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Make Angostura Bitters Sugar Cubes for Champagne Cocktails – 1. I need this in my life and 2. this gives me a chance to mention the rich man’s boilermaker: a shot of whiskey poured into a flute and topped with champagne. You only need one.

Beer Based Champagne Substitute – Devised by someone who is allergic to Champagne (horrors)

The Ancient Art of Celebration Drinking – A blog post by Rebecca Rupp, the number of interesting things she finds to post about on The Plate for National Geographic is really endless.

Taco Bell Curing Tomorrow’s Hangovers with Doritos Locos Tacos – From and  proof that in 2015 we will still not get over talking about Dorito’s-based tacos (unless it is to discuss Doritos Flavored Mountain Dew or Doritos Pizza Crust. . .  I kind of wish I worked in the creative department at Doritos).

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