Irish Dinner

Potato Pinwheel Candies
(Originally Posted 3/18/2015) We’ve got St. Patrick’s Day out of the way, with the traditional St. Patrick’s Day foods (including, this year, a Very Old Fashioned soda bread that I made with my family at a Hearth Cooking workshop at Strawbery Banke – old fashioned as in we churned butter to get the buttermilk and we cooked the bread in a cast iron pot buried in coals. . . ). Now it’s time to think about other Irish foods for other Irish-y American holidays. Like, um, Bono’s birthday and stuff.


You could also call this dinner the “I really love the Daily Spud blog recipes” dinner, although I’ve added in some other sources just to be diverse. Seriously, if you ever need a potato recipe – ever – just go there.


Lawrence and I first made a version of this menu when the Irish Ambassador was in Vermont. Not that he was at dinner, we just were looking for a dinner theme and that seemed reason enough.
  • Donegal Oat Cakes  and Irish cheese
  • Fried Dandelion Flowers (if you have them )
  • Whiskey Cured Salmon (I’m also intrigued by these Wakame & Burren Salmon Roulades or these wrapped in Nori, but have not tried them)
  • Guinness Potato Gratin
  • Irish Stew- My favorite is the Irish lamb stew from America’s Test Kitchen. Unfortunately that is kept behind a pay wall so can’t link here, but if you sign up for a trial membership you can get to it. There is also a whole section on stews in the (you guessed it) Daily Spud blog.
  • If I had much seaweed / foraging area along the Irish coast at my disposal, I would make side dishes from the Slow Food Ireland site or from this seaweed UK list. In the absence of that: Irish Coleslaw
  • Gur Cake
  • The potato candies pictured at the top of the post. Which are really in a Maine tradition. You take a small amount of very smoothly mashed potato, whisk it with a godawful amount of confectioner’s sugar into a paste, put in fridge, roll out flat, spread with peanut butter (unsweetened!) and coconut flakes (unsweetened!) and roll up into a pinwheel. Then you put your dentist on speed dial.

    I went to a wine shop wine tasting once, and ask the owner if he might share a drop of something stronger than wine, and this is what he pulled from his desk drawer. I've been a fan ever since.

    I went to a wine shop’s wine tasting once, and asked the owner if he might share a drop of something stronger than wine. This is what he pulled from his desk drawer. I’ve been a fan ever since.


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