Attractive Food – Recommended Reading

Making good-looking food is on my mind. Partially (okay mostly) because I’m so bad at it. Witness my previous attempts at making beautiful cakes – the last of which is a King Cake fiasco from last night:

Total FailNutella Torte???????????????????Also, we’ve starting the planning for the Black Fly Pie contest, my annual attempt to make a visually impressive dessert, albeit one judged based on homage to the black fly.

With visuals are on my mind, it seems like I’m bumping into a lot of interesting writing about aesthetic sensibilities and food. Some of the articles I’ve been reading recently: this Serious Eats story on egg flavor (and effect of appearance thereon – as you might be able to guess, they reach for the green food coloring before the story is done); a crowdsourced experiment on food appearance and flavor perception that’s highlighted at the Cravings Exhibit at the London Museum of Science; a short piece on the Peep diorama contest in the New Yorker. How did I forget that it was the Peeps season until the New Yorker’s Twitter feed reminded me? No explanation.

Peeps Become Cake

Peeps Become Cake

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