Food Waste – Commentary

Cantalope Seeds

Those would be cantaloupe seeds, roasted. The flavor was great but they were sharp and hard which may have been my fault, or the cantaloupe’s fault, or a sign that they should be ground into a powder and used to flavor things that way.

Why am I roasting these seeds? And turning cauliflower leaves into chips? And apple cores into gastrique (good on lamb chops)? Because I read the menus for Dan Barber’s WastED pop up in New York City and I got all inspired. Partially I got inspired because people questioned whether home cooks would be inspired by it and. . .well. . . you know how that goes.

The short story is that Barber and a bunch of chefs turned food waste, mostly from food processing, into high end dishes and sold them to New Yorkers. Here, he explains it in his own words. It got positive reviews from food critics.

In addition to the food (and more relevant to this post) I got inspired to write a commentary for Vermont Public Radio about it. The commentary begins with saying people are “still talking about” Barber’s late March experiment, which was more true when I wrote the commentary than when it finally aired. I guess technically since I was still talking about it, it became a true statement. There’s a Latin phrase for that form of logic that I can’t remember right now.

The specific commentary that inspired me to write my own commentary was this one by Anna Roth on Civil Eats. I didn’t disagree directly with the points she raised, I just had my own points to make back. I doubt the VPR / Civil Eats platforms have exact overlap in audience but hey, it’s the soap box I’ve got so I’m standing on it.

Food Waste” – Vermont Public Radio, May 7th, 2015

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