Thursday Night Dinner Cards for Sale!

Hel’s Kitchen opens for food business on Monday, August 3rd, and our first Thursday Night Dinner takes place on Thursday, August 6th. But our online storefront opens today! We’re open for purchasing dinner cards – 10 dinners for $20 / dinner or 5 dinners for $25 / dinner. You can read the details and click to order on our Thursday Menu page

What will these Thursday night dinners look like? Good question. I’m actually working right now on menus for a private party dinner that will look a lot like the Thursday dinner series. This one will be exploring the foods of Taiwan, particularly as described by cookbook author and Eat Your Words podcast host Cathy Erway. I listened to her interview about Taiwanese food when I was out running the other week and got inspired. Here’s a preview:

BYOB Cocktail Hour: 
Fresh Watermelon Shake 
Green Tea with Ginger & Mint
(And in case you feel particularly thematic in the BYOB field, here’s this Watermelon & Iced Tea Martini)

First Bite: 
Flaky Daikon Radish Pastries (bite size)

Peppery Pork Buns
Meatball Mochi with Spicy-Sweet Dipping Sauce 
Pan Fried Leek Buns 

With Accompaniments:
Oysters with Black Bean Sauce
Spicy Cucumbers
Tomato Salad with Ginger-Soy Dip
Fresh Vegetable Tray

Shaved Milk Ice with Fruit

Vegetarian, Vegan, and Gluten-Free alternatives will be available on request. 

Does this type of menu look appealing to you? It can be yours for a low price – with a Thursday Night Dinner Card! (Or, $30 per meal if you buy them one at a time) 

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