Malaysian Menu

Two more weeks until the opening of Hel’s Kitchen! We’re building up to that August 3rd start date with some private party dinners that are trial runs for the regular Thursday dinners we’re offering when the restaurant opens. As mentioned in an earlier note, the first dinner (July 23rd) is exploring a Taiwanese menu inspired by the new book The Food of Taiwan by Cathy Erway.

The second dinner (July 30th) will feature Malaysia. Malaysian food starts with the cuisine of the country’s indigenous peoples and goes on to incorporate truly diverse culinary influences from China to Indonesia to Portugal to Thailand and Britain. It first caught my fancy when I read an article on Penang street food in the “Street Food” edition of the magazine Lucky PeachThat lead to this article on Malaysian street food from Buzzfeed. But what really sealed the deal on trying a Malaysian menu was this list of 25 Malaysian foods you should know from Serious Eats by an effusive reporter who was supposed to have stopped at 10. Then a simple Wikipedia visit showed that, really, 25 was meager. . .  there are a lot of signature Malaysian dishes. Starting the exploration by cooking them seems more practical than hopping a plane to Kuala Lumpur. What are some highlights? Here they are on a Thursday menu:

First Bite: 
Roti Canai with Sambal and Tamarind Dipping Sauces

Street Food Salad Course:
Pasembur – This is not salad as in “obligatory healthy item” salad, it’s fried vegetable bits with fresh vegetables and a sticky peanut sauce

Char Kuey Teow – Rice Noodles with Seafood
Roti Jala (crepe noodles) and Chicken Curry
Rojak Buah – Jicama, Fruit, and Tamarind Salad
Mustard Greens & Turmeric Root 

Ondeh-Ondeh – Coconut dumplings
Teh C Ping – Black Tea with Sweetened Condensed Milk  

Vegetarian, Vegan, and Gluten-Free alternatives will be available on request. 

Doe these types of menus look appealing to you? They can be yours for a low price – with a Thursday Night Dinner Card! (Or, $30 per meal if you buy them one at a time starting August 6th) 

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