Menu Week of September 10th

Many of the dishes in this week’s Spanish menu come from the cookbook 1,000 Spanish Recipes by Penelope Casas. Casas authored a series of Spanish cookbooks starting in the 1980’s, and this is her final one (she passed away in 2013). It’s a great compendium of recipes that cover a range of ingredients and regions. The dishes based directly on her recipes this week are:

Chicken with Peaches – From a series of recipes highlighting fruit and meat combinations

Squash and Basil Paella – The chapter on paellas includes a ton of different variations, you’ll look at paella in a new way. I was moments from choosing the Salt Cod and Artichoke Paella or the Pork and Pomegranate Paella, but went with the vegetarian option that uses some of the end of summer harvest. 

The desserts also come from Penelope Casas and the most interesting was the 16th Century Cheesecake. Spanish monasteries kept records of their food that give us insight into recipes from many centuries ago. . . this includes monasteries in the Spanish colonies from the age of exploration. Hence the Thursday Night Dinner theme of not just Spanish food, but Spanish food inspired by the 1500’s (on a related note – check out this blog post with link to a 1520 guide to Catalan cooking, I’m using chicken in place of the peacocks their “basic” recipes call for).

 16th Century Cheesecake (it's flavored with anise, mint, and rosewater)

16th Century Cheesecake (it’s flavored with anise, mint, and rosewater)


The only other note, and the only tricky reheating instructions, are for the tortilla roll, making its second appearance this week. It’s like a socially acceptable potato chip sandwich. Yum. And for nutritional reasons I should ban anyone from ordering just that roll for dinner, but it’s a nice hearty appetizer that goes well with beer. Here are the reheating recommendations

The full takeout menu and order form are here. Next week: Morocco.

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