A Note on Paula Wolfert

There’s a class of cookbook authors described as “the Julia Child of [fill in nation that is neither America nor France]”. They’re credited with introducing American home cooks to preparing food from abroad. Diana Kennedy for Mexico, Claudia Roden for the Middle East, Penelope Casas for Spain, Marcella Hazan for Italy, Madhur Jaffrey for India. . . Paula Wolfert is a cookbook writer credited with bringing Moroccan cuisine to greater popular attention in America.

These are all authors who started their work a generation or more ago, but Wolfert has been back in the cookbook news recently – after being diagnosed with Alzheimers, Wolfert and small team of collaborators have embarked on a cookbook project re-exploring her past recipes, the memories contained in them, and also what Wolfert calls “brain healthy” food. Sometimes these intensely personal, memory-heavy cookbooks work brilliantly (like Judith Jones’ The Pleasures of Cooking for One) and sometimes not. We’ll assume Wolfert’s project is in the brilliant category. It’s called “Unforgettable” and here are some articles about it:

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