Food of Taiwan – Reposted

I’m going to be a smidge behind in posting the menus from this past week of Night Markets. Because I’m busy, but tomorrow I swear I’ll get to it and the best recipes will be yours by the end of Sunday. 

Conveniently, I used a Taiwan theme for both this past Thursday and a practice Thursday back in July. I can steal from myself. I believe I only repeated one dish (the steamed leek buns, this time vegetarian, and trust me – they’re worth repeating) but it’s the same general culinary idea.

I’m additionally inspired to re-post the Taiwan notes because this evening I went to the cookbook panel discussion and sale at Kellogg-Hubbard library. As you’ll see from the post, this particular menu relied heavily on The Food of Taiwan by Cathy Erway for culinary insights. A cookbook. The panelists weren’t sold on using cookbooks, but I disagree. This cookbook gave me much more insight into, and enthusiasm for, Taiwanese food than I would have garnered from online researching and certainly much more than simply going it alone on figuring out recipes. Erway thoughtfully put together information about Taiwan, essays, photos, well tested recipes, to create the sense of the whole of Taiwanese cuisine. A trip to Taiwan would have been even better, but significantly more expensive. Here’s more on that old menu:

“The Food of Tawain” – Menu Note

And while I’m on a cookbook theme tonight, let me also toss in this other blog post about exploring the restaurants of New York CIty, touring by cookbook. 

“Cookbook Tour of New York City”

And on a final cookbook theme – we’re teaming up with Bear Pond Books on November 3rd to do an event: a dinner with a book. Sign up and get a five course dinner cooked from the forthcoming Yotam Ottolenghi cookbook “NOPI” and also get a copy of NOPI. More details will gone up on the website at the beginning of next week. It’s a great book and should be a great dinner! It will require RSVP so contact the store (802-229-0774) to purchase your tickets. 

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