A Note on Ottolenghi

There are serious Ottolenghi fans out there. Serious. I suspect there are multiple Ottolenghi tattoos on this Earth. Although they probably depict favorite vegetables and not the man himself. 

Yotam Ottolenghi is a UK-based chef, with a string of restaurants and cookbooks in his portfolio (you can read that as either a business or artistic portfolio, I’m not entirely sure which it is). He’s known for both Middle Eastern influenced dishes and vegetarian cooking; although not all of his cookbooks are vegetarian, they all highlight vegetarian elements as key parts of the flavor. 

The New Yorker published this longer profile of Ottolenghi in 2012. 

On November 3rd, we’re teaming up with Bear Pond Books to offer a Cookbook & Dinner event around publication of Ottolenghi’s latest book NOPI. NOPI features recipes from his restaurant of the same name (stands for North of Picadilly – also the restaurant location). It combines Middle Eastern influences with Asian, particularly Malaysian. Tickets to November 3rd include a 5 course dinner and copy of the cookbook, and they’re $68 (with tax). Details are here

NOPI hit the shelves this week and you can check out a copy at Bear Pond if you’re curious. Also if you’re curious, here’s some news coverage:

This is not the first Ottolenghi inspired dinner I’ve prepared. I’m not as rabid a fan as others, but if you’re looking to serve a vegetable-heavy dinner to adults who may complain about that sort of thing (if, for example, my husband is at the table) you can’t beat these cookbooks. Here’s one menu I did when Plenty More first came out. It’s ambitious. I don’t remember it being that ambitious but apparently it was. . . not sure what I was thinking except that the cookbook had a lot of recipes I wanted to try: 

Taleggio & Spinach Roulade

Artichokes, Mozzarella, Candied Lemon Salad

Pomelo Salad with Shrimp & Rice

Mango and Curried Chickpeas

Fried Upma with Lime Pickle and Eggs (like an Indian set of polenta fries)

Cannellini Bean Spread with Pickled Mushrooms and Pita Croutons

Spice-Stuffed Potato Cakes

Tau Tu Fu (that’s a dessert)

Cardamom Shortbread and Gooseberry Relish

Other Ottolenghi Titles are found on his website here – and you can order them from Bear Pond Books. 

Call Bear Pond Books at 229-0774 or go to the counter to get your tickets for our NOPI Cookbook event on Tuesday, November 3rd!

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