Changes at Hel’s Kitchen Starting Nov. 15th

There are changes afoot at Hel’s Kitchen and at Salt Cafe. 

As reported last week in Seven Days, after five years at 207 Barre Street, Salt Cafe will be closing its doors on November 15th. Except, not literally closing its doors, because then it would be really difficult for me to get in and start prep for the next week of Hel’s Kitchen*.

The first takeaway here is that you should make reservations for a last dinner at Salt Cafe right now – call 802-229-6678.

The lease on the space, which Hel’s has been subletting, runs through the spring. I’m going to be filling that space by expanding and slightly changing the format of Hel’s Kitchen. 

1.) Starting November 15th, we will be open for takeout new days: Tuesday through Friday. Hours remain the same, 3:30 – 7:00. You will see the attractive duct tape fix on the banner sign reminding you of the new days when this change begins. 

2.) Everything else stays the same through the end of the year, including the Thursday Night dinners, a full schedule for which through Jan 1 is posted on the site.

There are more changes for the new year in the works. We’ll be offering weekend special event dinners (banquets, feasts, smorgasbords. . . ), hot food for take out or eating in on Fridays (don’t forget that we’re BYOB), and increased availability for catering – including renting out the restaurant space for private dinners (design your own tasting menu, I’ll agree to try preparing just about any cuisine). 


The most exciting change on our end is that we don’t need to move in and out of the restaurant each week. I realize this eliminates the entertainment value of watching us try to work in the kitchen while tripping over moving boxes and sifting through dual sets of supplies covering the counters, but we’ll find other forms of entertainment and I pledge to continue to be unable to find my phone to ring up orders. Some things never change.

Thank you for eating at Hel’s and trying out the fun new menus we have in the works! 


*Don’t worry, I’ve got a key.

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