Cookbook Review

The cookbook tour menu that caused much customer disgruntlement is now complete. Let me say, in everyone’s defense, that of the people who ordered from the menu, many enjoyed the food – but you all really REALLY don’t like shorter menus that change each day. Or menus not featuring a particular place. We won’t suffer through that experiment again.

This upcoming week: India. And I should say India Part 1 because I’ve got big plans for the subcontinent in the new year. The takeout menu is posted, as is the Thursday sit-down dinner

Also next week, the Cookbook Review Panel (and tasting!) at Bear Pond Books, starting 7pm on Tuesday November 10th. The other panelists are Mary Alice (Down Home Kitchen) and Lynne Vitzhum (Bear Pond Books). It’s combined with the annual cookbook sale, with 20% off cookbooks. You’ll have to show up at the review panel to hear what I have to say about the recipes we tried this past week. To tide you over until that moment of revelation,  a few notes on Cookbook Reviews more broadly. . . 

I haven’t found a source of cookbook reviewing that I absolutely adore yet, something to be the New York Times Books of the food writing and cookbook world, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t options. If you want to follow what’s happening in cookbooks here are some of those options (and to be fair, the New York Times does include cookbook reviews. . . I just doubt their dedication to the concept)

And hey, if any publishing houses want to put me on their cookbook reviewer list, I’ll gladly start up a review site right here on this very blog. . . 


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