Takeout Menu – Week of November 9th

It may be time to revisit our motto that what Hel’s Kitchen lacks in authenticity we make up for in enthusiastic curiosity. On a related note, the lentil dal recipe came from a very nice home cook from Sweden. Mariella is neither Indian nor has she visited India. But isn’t it interesting to know how a Swedish cook interprets Indian food? I think so. Surely someone out there is collecting different nationalities’ interpretation of others’ dishes – and I want that collection. On another related note, I’ve got a great Parisian recipe for BBQ ribs. 

Pork Vindaloo, Red Lentil Dal, Eggplant, Cabbage: Reheat gently in a small saucepan or microwave (the container is microwaveable). 

Saag Paneer: You want to bring this up to warm enough for the cheese chunks to be toasty at the edges, but not disintegrating. 

Naan: I’m struggling with naan reheating options. It’s a homemade flatbread fresh baked that day, so there’s a limit to how far wrong you can go. My theory is that if it’s a little crispy coming out to the oven, and then reheated like a tortilla – wrapped in a damp paper towel and reheated briefly in the microwave – it can be soft without losing chew. Or if it’s still pretty soft, to wrap it in tinfoil and put in a hot oven. Over the holidays, I will conduct additional naan creation-and-reheating experiments.

Aloo Paratha: These filled pancakes are best brought up to room temperature and then put on either a hot, thinly oiled skillet or in a 375-degree oven. The trick is to heat it all the way through (it’s thick) without burning the outside (although a little char tastes great so, like all the notes above, it remains true that there’s a limit to how far wrong you can go). These taste good with a long list of sauces (I stuff mine with the tamarin cabbage) – they can get a little dry, adding hot sauce, mustard, chutney, plain yogurt, taco sauce, peanut sauce, even marinara sauce would all work. Open your fridge, find a condiment you need to finish, and there’s a decent chance it will taste good here. 

Desserts: Serve cold.  

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