Reheating Suggestions: Nordic

This week’s newsletter contained plenty of links for Nordic Cuisine reading (it’s linked here if you missed it). And here’s one more – Chamomile-Turmeric Tea from a blogger in Stockholm. It’s not our suggested pairing for the food on the menu, and probably excellent for the dismal weather that started the week. 

The items on this week’s menu will all do fine being reheated in a microwave until warm through. 

Jansson’s Temptation would be better reheated in an oven (375 degrees) to crisp up a little on the top. It should go without saying, but in case it doesn’t, don’t eat this cold! It will taste gross!

The soups can of course also be reheated soup-like in a saucepan on the stove. The roasted beets could be reheated in a skillet, as can the meatballs.

The winter slaw is served cold. The beets also taste good cold (I think). 

A note on the chocolate cake: I have a very clear vision in my mind of what this cake would be that may or may not resemble what the Swedes intended it to be. In my mind, it’s for the people who love thick cake batter on a spoon. It’s cooked until just barely able to hold together then served warm. . . you could warm it in a skillet with a thin layer of rum on the bottom, with a very brief trip to the microwave – 10 second intervals. . . I’m going to admit right now that I warmed mine up by pouring on hot coffee and cream into a soupy delight that other people might think is disgusting. Gooey and yummy. 

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