Reheating Notes: French Food

I realize that I haven’t posted the notes from last week’s Indian food yet – did I mention it was a really really busy week? They’re coming. In the meantime, reheating the French food:

Breton Stew, Porc au Caramel, Onion Soup – these are all in microwaveable containers and the microwave is really the best way to reheat them. A saucepan can also work.

Vegetarian Cassoulet – again, this container is microwaveable and probably the best way to reheat, followed by a saucepan. The way this particular recipe is set up, there’s a roux, and vegetables cooked with the idea that they’ll begin to fall apart into a very thick sauce around beans that do not turn to mush. If you reheat it gently that should be the result upon reheat. If you cook the heck out of it, it’s possible the beans will turn to mush as well. But it will be a flavorful mush so still pretty good. 

Quiche – I like my quiche crust soft and the filling firm, Is that wrong? Probably that’s wrong. Probably I’m bringing shame to my family in some way. Still. I like to put this into a microwave for just a short trip (it heats really fast). Alternatively you could reheat in a toaster oven or regular oven. I hear some people like quiche cold, but I don’t associate with those people. 

Stuffed Bell Pepper – These are best reheated by opening the tinfoil they’re in to let steam out and putting in a 375-degree oven (or into a toaster oven) until heated through and the cheese on top is melty. They’re quite dense (in a good way) so it might take some patience.

Green Salad & Cookies – No heating.

Apple Cake – I love this fruit-y pudding-y cake. If you want to gild the lily (yes! do it!) heat it up gently in a covered skillet with some butter on bottom, then serve it with a generous scoop of vanilla ice cream. With coffee. Or tea. 

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