Reheating Notes: Indian Food

There are two dishes on here that benefit from a contrast of temperature and texture. They’re the two that come with yogurt sauce:

Onion Stuffed Kulcha – This is similar to onion stuffed naan except that the dough is risen by baking powder & baking soda instead of by yeast. This will taste best reheated in a skillet with hot oil or in the oven unwrapped, so that the outside is nice and crispy, the inside is soft and oniony. Then when it’s hot dip it in the cold yogurt. Mmm. 

Chana Masala – I have not evidence of this being a traditional preparation of chana masala. Oh well. It tastes good. Heat up the chick peas in the microwave or a saucepan on the stove, then top with the nice cool (and a tad spicy) yogurt. The chick peas are not at all spicy if you don’t add the yogurt.

Reheating the naan can be complicated, or not complicated, or not done at all (but it does taste best warm). Some options: wrapping in tinfoil and reheating at a low temperature in the oven. Or tortilla style wrapped in a just-damp paper towel and put in the microwave for a few seconds. Or just a few seconds in the microwave sans towel if that seems like too much of a bother.

All the other non-dessert dishes are easily reheated in the microwave (the containers are microwaveable) or in saucepans over medium low heat. If you reheat the pork on the stovetop, be sure there’s enough moisture that the rice doesn’t burn (the chicken curry should have enough broth that it’s fine). 

The tapioca should be kept cold. 

Cookies. . . are cookies. 

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