Fancy Coffee

I’m a black coffee person, nothing fancy. Or, I was a black coffee person, and then I ran Cafe Anna where people wanted more options than that, and all of a sudden I’ve developed a taste for fancy coffees. Luckily, I’ve also collected the equipment for fancy coffees, so it’s more a blow to my calorie count than to my pocket book. 

Here are some espresso drinks to try at home. If you don’t have an espresso machine or milk frother, I believe you’d be fine warming up the cold brew strong coffee from the last post to stand in for the espresso, and there’s this explanation of frothing milk at home (I’d recommend using the 2% milk, not the skim).

The other basic ingredients in these drinks are malted milk powder (it’s in the baking aisle in most supermarkets), maple syrup (the not-fake kind! If you don’t have access then make brown sugar syrup by warming 1/2 cup brown sugar with 1/4 cup water until the sugar is dissolved), homemade caramel sauce, and cocoa powder (I used Hershey’s). 

Note: These work as hot drinks but not as cold drinks, the espresso and milk need to be hot to dissolve the various things mixed in. 

Espresso Dusty Miller

Large espresso (1/2 cup) mixed with 1 Tb of maple syrup, topped with 1/2 cup milk frothed with 1 Tb malted milk powder dissolved in it (mix in the powder before frothing), dusted on top with cocoa powder.

Caramel Espresso

Large espresso (1/2 cup) mixed with 1 Tb of caramel sauce and stirred to dissolve, topped with 1/2 cup of milk, frothed. 

Cocoa Espresso

Same as above but add 2 tsp of cocoa powder with the caramel sauce. 

Cocoa Macchiato

This is strong and very bitter, don’t let the “cocoa” fool you. Mix large espresso (1/2 cup) with 2 Tb of cocoa powder and stir well – this will be super thick (what did we say? It’s strong), top with 1/4 cup of milk frothed (use whole milk – even if that makes less of a foam it still tastes better).

Want more fancy coffees? Check out the last post on Iced Coffee

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