Food Activities Around Vermont

 This is a picture from Shelburne Farms. It was the homepage slide on - I did not take it (photo credit goes to Shelburne Farms)

This is a picture from Shelburne Farms. It was the homepage slide on – I did not take it (photo credit goes to Shelburne Farms)

I’m a bit behind in my recipe posting- let me assure you that many delicious recipes await including the tuna salad Nicoise that will cause you to reject any other variation as vastly inferior (that’s actually a gross overstatement – but I do like my version a great deal). However, I’m also doing some funding work for the website, and the time I have available for website content has been dedicated to that project.

[By the way, I don’t have a ton of hours at the computer because I’m cooking a whole lot – deliveries to Adamant Coop will be doubling to a twice weekly schedule starting next week, Mondays and Thursdays, and you’ll see in the Menus section of this website information on food available for special orders and catering].

So, this post is really a pitch for It’s a website for “finding authentic Vermont food experiences”. It’s been running for five years now. It’s designed to be a central point bringing together information from statewide organizations who have members involved in some way in “agritourism”. That means farms open to visitors, restaurants featuring local farmers’ foods, sites that host food & agriculture focused events, and so on. The audience is “visitors” which means both people visiting from out of state and people who live in Vermont but who are looking for activities beyond their immediate home region.

The website includes a comprehensive calendar of events, blog (which I have been updating weekly), map for finding places to visit, and also suggested regional “trails” of places to explore. As the abundance of summertime food events begins to fade, you’ll be happy to have a resource for finding more Vermont food experiences to get through winter*. 

Check it out:

*A slightly better resource would of course be to order foods from Hel’s Kitchen. I can even do an all-local menu at any time of year. It’s true. I’ve tested myself on that before (March did not defeat me). 

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