About the Blog

This blog is a little quieter than before, because in August, 2015, I opened Hel’s Kitchen restaurant in Montpelier. Many new menus and recipes every week. The good news for readers? There’s a blog there, too, that’s updated quite frequently – check it out.

This blog is about exploring flavors, looking for new and interesting taste experiences. . . but without an Anthony Bourdain-esque budget for traveling around the world to obscure places.

Beetles in Water

You don’t need to travel to eat bugs – these Japanese beetles are from my friend Amy’s backyard (and they were delicious)

Also, I’m from rural Vermont, where I have to admit the options for exotic food are much more limited than in a city. (I don’t like admitting any flaws to Vermont food but there you have it – it’s a small population base).

Shopping list for a trip to Montreal, when we decided to create a Chinese / Thai pantry corner.

Shopping list for a trip to Montreal, when we decided to create a Chinese / Thai pantry corner. But we usually don’t get out that much.

In other words, this is an exploration of flavor that doesn’t require heroic measures, just an average kitchen. The posts in this blog come primarily from a few topic areas:

  • Menus (plus recipes)  from the Thursday Night Dinner series my partner Lawrence and I have hosted since 2012. Every Thursday is a different theme, usually a country or a city, that lets us explore things like how to make a real Chicago hot dog or what the Breton “stew stuffing” is (it’s a giant buckwheat dumpling).
  • Recipes for foods I’m playing around with – this usually involves a lot of variations, because if you’re exploring flavors why stop with one recipe?
  • Writing I’m publishing elsewhere on food topics, also collected on this page.
  • Recommended Reading, which is articles about flavor and / or interesting foods as well as cookbook reviews. You can find articles written by me in the writing portfolio section.

In the spring of 2015, my book Discovering Flavor  will be published by 99: The Press.

And what’s with the collapsed green cake as the logo? Because if you’re going to fearlessly explore flavor, you have to be bold and fail cheerfully. After all, it’s only a cake, it’s okay to if it didn’t work out this time around.

Total Fail

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