Stock Your Freezer


Hel’s Kitchen can do special orders of food for your fridge or freezer (the minimum order is 8*, so maybe fridge + freezer). Below are dishes from the previous Hel’s Kitchen menus that successfully freeze. The cost depends on what you’re buying and in what quantity, but generally speaking meats are $4 per 8oz (over rice or noodles that would be a meal), sides are in the $3 vicinity for 8oz, and the casseroles $6 for a generous portion.

Note: These are not packed as fancy as a supermarket TV dinner, the expectation is that you’ll eat them in the next few months. They will get freezer burned if you abandon them in a back corner somewhere and remember them in a year’s time. (Would I eat them anyway? Yes, of course, but in case your standards are higher.  . .)

To order, e-mail

*8 is the minimum because it’s hard to scale many of these items up and down, and also because they’re made to order. If you really really want one of these items with fewer than than 8 servings, I can take your name and request and match it up with other people when they place orders. 

Soups & Veggie Sides

  • Gumbo Z’Herbes (with Cornbread) (Veg – Vegan available)
  • Tomato Soup (with Homemade Cheez Its) (Veg)
  • French Onion Soup (with Croissant Croutons) (Veg)
  • Vegetarian Cassoulet (Veg – Vegan available)
  • Feijoada – Brazilian black bean & meat stew
  • Simple Lentil Dal (Veg)
  • Moroccan Corn Chowder (Seasonal) (Veg)
  • Baingan Bhartha (Indian Eggplant dish) (Veg)
  • Saag Panir (Indian Spinach & Cheese Dish) (Veg)
  • Yucatan-style Refried Black Beans (Vegan) 
  • Baked Beans – Traditional or California (ie vegetarian) 



  • Chicken Tikka Masala
  • Chicken Tagine with Olives & Preserved Lemon
  • Beer Braised Chicken 
  • Apple Chicken Curry
  • Indian-Spiced Beef Chili
  • Galinha Africanese – Peanut Braised Chicken
  • Pork Vindaloo
  • Slow Braised Pork In – Citrus Marinade or Mustard Sauce or Red Chile Sauce
  • Lamb Rogan Josh
  • Caramel-Orange-Black Pepper Braised Beef 



  • Samosas (Veg)
  • Spanakopita – Regular (spinach + feta), Vegan (walnut + greens), or Not-Vegetarian (spinach + bacon + cheese)  
  • Bacon-Guava Pop Tarts
  • Sichuan Pepper Pork Buns
  • Chicken B’Stilla
  • Vegetarian B’Stilla (Veg)


  • Pierogi (Veg)
  • (More coming after I test their freezer friendliness . . . Update: the tests aren’t going great)



  • Pastitsio (noodles, beef, bechamel)
  • Spinach Lasagna (Veg)
  • Moussaka (Veg)
  • Bobotie (aka South African meatloaf – meatloaf with Indian spices)
  • Cabbage Rolls (beef filled (traditional) or chicken (not traditional) )
  • Roasted Cauliflower & Almond Adobo Enchiladas (Veg)

Breads & Baked Goods



Interested in dessert? Let us know. All sorts of cookies, brownies, tea cakes, quick breads, etc. are great for the freezer. And we make good ice cream.