February 6th

Menu for Saturday, February 6th – Eastern European

For the takeout menu in the week preceding this dinner, we’re going to have some nicely traditional Slovakian food. Many potato dumplings will be served and sweet dumplings will be encouraged as a main course at dinner because, the Internet tells me, that’s how people in Slovakia roll. Of course that means there’s pent up creative license, so for the tasting menu we’re getting a little wild and crazy with the cabbage rolls and pierogi. . .   

Dinners begin at 7:00 pm. Service is family style and tables are shared. BYOB. 

Vegetarian alternative dishes available on request – please do give us enough notice to create a vegetarian version of the dishes being served (24 hours is nice). We also offer vegetarian tasting menus at least once a month, and you can let us know if you want to be informed of those. 


Homemade Cola – We have to strongly advise everyone to bring beer, it would be difficult to work your way through this menu without beer.  


Potato Dumplings and Cabbage-Bacon-Cabbage Rolls


Lemongrass Chicken Cabbage Dumplings (mini cabbage rolls) and Coconut Rice


Juniper Stewed Beef and Potatoes in (you guessed it) a Cabbage Roll  


Traditional Pierogi Tray with Non-Traditional Sauces
(During one fateful poutine making moment we learned the importance of being open to concepts like Vindaloo Gravy)
Carrot-Apple Relish


Zemlovka – You take bread pudding, apple pie, cheesecake, meringues and combine them into a single dessert and you have zemlovka. One very small piece should be sufficient. But if it’s not, we do have takeout containers on hand. 

Please inform us of any dietary restrictions at the time of reservation. Please note that this kitchen does use nuts, wheat, dairy, and other potential allergens as part of daily cooking.

Dinners are $30 per person (taxes and gratuities not included)  

To make a reservation, please use the form on the Reservations Page.