Party Catering

Party Catering

Food prepared for pick up / takeout. Call for details or e-mail 


By the Bowlful (8-12 servings) – $10

Chili-Lime Peanuts (Vegan, GF)

Old Bay Popcorn (Vegan, GF)   

Curry-Orange Popcorn (Veg, GF) 

Savory Herbed Popcorn (Veg, GF) 

Caramel Popcorn (Veg, GF) – Not available when it’s humid out


By the Bowlful (about 8 servings) – $12

Granola Nuts (Veg) – Sweet or Savory

Homemade Cheez-Its (Veg) 

Indian Spiced Walnut Mix (Veg)   

Dukkah (nut-spice blend) Honey Popcorn (Veg, GF)


$3.50 / Person

Vegetable Platter with Three Seasonal Dips (Veg, GF)

Cheese, Housemade Pickles & Chutneys, Homemade Crackers (Veg, GF available for 25-cents extra)

Cuban Bread with 

       1.) Bacon-Guava Jam and Brie


       2.) Pounded Cheese (very delicious cheese spread) & Tomato Chutney (Veg)


      3.) Hummus (Regular or Georgian (with peanuts)) and House Pickles (Veg)


      4.) Avocado-Egg Salad, Pickled Red Onions and Coconut “Bacon” (Veg)

Cheese-Beer Bread with Mustard Butter (Veg)

         Add Sausage for $1

Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwiches – Crusts removed


$4.00 / Person

Mahogany Chicken Wings – Chinese style wings

Spinach & Cheese Pide (flatbreads) with Maple-Pepper Poached Garlic (Veg)

Szechuan Pork Buns (Small)

Butternut Squash & Cheese Empanadas (Small) (Veg)

Mini Turnovers with Bacon, Spinach, and Cheese

Tuna, Caper, Red Pepper Buns 

Cornmeal Rolls & BBQ Chicken Salad (GF Option available)

Baked Samosas

Chicken B’Stilla Turnovers – Moroccan pastry

Spanakopita (Spinach Pastries) – Vegan version available


$4.50 / person

Beef or Chicken Sosaties – Cape Malay (curry blend) satay-style meat(GF)

Beef or Chicken Satay with Spicy Peanut Dip (GF)

Chickpea Kofte with Tomato-Zaatar Sauce (Veg)

Tunisian Meatballs – Well spiced (but not hot) meatballs braised in tomato sauce

Crispy Shrimp Pancakes with Galangal-Coconut Sauce (Vegetarian Option Available)


Cookie Tray Options – $2.50 / Person (choose 3 varieties; extra varieties $1.50 / person)  

Classic Brownies

Salt and Pepper Caramel Brownies

Merlot Brownies (with Frosting)

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Cardamom Shortbread

Chocolate-Pretzel Shortbread


Ginger Crunch Bars

Potato Chip Cookies (contain peanut butter, but can be made without on request)

Cayenne Chocolate Cookies

Browned Butter Biscotti

Chocolate Biscotti

Almond-Black Pepper Biscotti

Cayenne Peanut Butter Cookies

Fig & Bitter Chocolate Scones

Chocolate Smoked Tea Sables


Gluten Free Cookie Options  

Double Ginger

Peanut Butter & Sesame Sandwich Cookies


Chocolate Tef Brownies




Specialty Drinks – $10 per pitcher (spirits not included) or $6 for the mixing syrup (add your own water or seltzer)

          Ginger Lemonade – Mixes well with vodka, sparkling wine, beer (yes, it’s very British)

           Rosemary Lemonade – Mixes well with vodka, sparkling wine

           Jalapeno-Lime Soda – Mixes well with tequila

           Cola Soda – Mixes well with rum, whiskey

           Orange Blossom Iced Tea – Can mix with Lillet (should you have any hanging around your liquor cabinet)

           Apple-Vanilla-Rose Soda – Mixes well with bourbon

Sangria Soda – Mixes well with campari, gin