September 10th

Menu for September 10th – Spain

Dinners begin at 7:00 pm. Service is family style and tables are shared. BYOB. 

Notes from this dinner are posted here.

We’re getting particularly creative here and choosing a Spanish menu that highlights the culinary stylings of the 16th century – ie when Spain was the Empire of Fusion Cuisine (getting valuable ingredients was, after all, an important part of the reason for exploring and establishing colonies across the world).


Sangria Spritzer – A fruit and wine simple syrup, seltzer combination (this is what a sangria becomes when you lack a liquor license). This really has nothing to do with the 16th century. It tasted good with Campari. 

Early Nibbles

Marcona Almonds

Cucumber Salad with Honey & Rosemary – Exactly what it sounds like, thinly slice cucumbers (preferably fresh from the garden so they have more flavor to them and snap) drizzled with honey and fresh rosemary. 

Substantial Appetizer

Panades – similar to empanadas, with a corn flour wrapper, filled with tuna. Popular in Spanish-Belizean cuisine.  

Marinated Olives

Main Course

Peacock Sauce – Applied to chicken, served over rice, this peacock sauce combined ground almonds, pureed chicken livers, wine, oranges, cinnamon, cloves, and ginger. It was rich. Very rich.  

San Isidoro Style Green Salad – Incorporates pineapple from the Canary Islands (ours may not be from the Canary Islands specifically). To this salad I added cilantro and parsley and little nut clusters of toasted cumin seeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds in a hard candy that was seasoned with salt and pepper. 


16th Century Cheesecake – a crust of flour, water, and a little oil rolled out thin, folded, rolled again and repeated several times, with a thin filling of egg, cottage cheese, sugar, anise, and mint.  

Orange Yogurt Cake – this is unrelated to the theme except that it really tasted great with the chocolate drink listed below. 

Chocolate Espressos (unsweetened chocolate drink) – high quality unsweetened cocoa powder mixed in an almost 1:1 ratio with hot water.

Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten-Free variations are available. Please make these and any other dietary requests at the time of reservation. Please note that this kitchen does use nuts, wheat, dairy, and other potential allergens as part of daily cooking.

Dinners are $30 per person (taxes and gratuities not included) or purchase dinner cards here

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